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Don Kennedy papers

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Don Kennedy papers

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Don Kennedy:

A Guide to His Papers at Georgia State University Library

Special Collections and Archives, Georgia State University Library
100 Decatur St., S.E.
Atlanta, Georgia, 30303

September 2016

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Language: English

Collection Summary

Repository: Special Collections and Archives, Georgia State University Library
Creator: Kennedy, Don, 1930-
Title: Don Kennedy papers
Dates: 1956-2013
Quantity: 22.58 Linear feet (in 29 boxes)
Abstract:Don Kennedy is an Atlanta-based radio and television station founder, manager, broadcaster, and actor, known for playing Officer Don on childrens television as well as creating and hosting the radio program Big Band Jump. The Don Kennedy papers, 1956-2013, contain writings, audio recordings, photographs, printed materials, and awards related to Kennedy's television and radio broadcasting career. The bulk of the materials relate to the production of the Big Band Jump radio shows between 1989 and 2013.
Identification: M223
Language: English

Scope and Contents of the Papers

The Don Kennedy papers, 1956-2013, contain writings, audio recordings, photographs, printed materials, and awards related to Kennedy's television and radio broadcasting career. The bulk of the materials relate to the production of the Big Band Jump radio shows between 1989 and 2013. These include scripts, cue sheets, newsletters, and broadcast masters of the weekly programs. The papers include some full-length interviews with musicians and other big band-era figures that were subsequently edited for broadcast. The collection also includes promotional and photographic materials from his work with television station WATL-TV, 1976-1978; radio stations WKLS FM, 1960-1970, and the Georgia Network, 1972-1982; as well as his time as children's television host "Officer Don," 1956-1969.

The scripts, cuesheets, and sound recordings for Big Band Jump are all filed by program number.

Big Band Jump Programs
102 A/B Host's Choice
103 A/B New Year's Dance Party
104 A/B Stan Kenton Retrospective
105 A/B Big Bands At Carnegie Hall
106 A/B Dance Band Remotes
107 A/B Music Plus Words/Catch-Up Hour
108 A/B Woody Herman Recalled
109 A/B Big Band Jump Highlights
110 A/B The In-Box
111 A/B Legends - Benny Goodman
112 A/B Whose Band Is That?
113 A/B Dean Hudson Remembrance / Destination Music
114 A/B Other Band's Hits
115 A/B Legends - Tommy Dorsey
116 A/B Legends - Harry James
117 A/B Seldom Heard Bands
118 A/B Novelty Songs / Unrestrained Swing
119 A/B Current Bands / New Releases
120 A/B Vocal Groups
121 A/B Legends - Glenn Miller
122 A/B Re-Born Hits
123 A/B The Group Sings I
124 A/B Ella Sings Irving Berlin / Mailbag
125 A Ted Heath Re-visited
125 B Novelty Songs
126 A/B Top Ten Bands
127 A/B The Mailbag
128 A/B Syd Lawrence / Dorsey Brothers - Secondary Records
129 A/B Second Time Around Band / The In-Box
130 A/B Early Forties Hits
131 A/B Bill Elliott Swing Band / Our Favorites and Miller Cuts
132 A/B Class of '47
134 A/B Big Band Profiles VII - Tommy Dorsey
135 A/B The 'H' File
136 A/B Big Band Profiles V - Post War
137 A/B The 'K' File
138 A/B Big Band Profiles III
139 A/B Big Band Profiles II
140 A/B Big Band Profiles II
141 A/B Surprise Party
142 A Ray Anthony
143 A/B Voice Capsules
144 A/B Class of '45
145 A/B Big Band Classics
146 A/B Spitfire Band / Current Bands
147 A/B Class of '44
148 A/B Gene Krupa Appreciation
149 A/B Remembering Henry Mancini
150 A/B Big Band Profiles I
151 A/B Listener's Top Ten Bands
152 A/B Doris Day Speaks / Paul Weston Easy Jazz
153 A/B The In-Box
154 A/B Pat Longo / Rifflin' Through The Records
156 A/B The 'M' File
157 A/B Trumpet Playing Bandleaders
157 A-R Trumpet Playing Bandleaders (Revised)
158 B Big Bands of the Fifties
160 A/B All-Star Jam Session
161 A/B Flagwavers and Romance
162 A/B The Ladies Sing I
163 A/B Forties Million Sellers
164 A/B Class of '48 / Leftovers
165 A/B The Piano Players / Vocalists 1936-1948
166 B Little Known Bands
167 A/B Chris Riddle Speaks / The Riddle Sound
168 A/B Kenton Retrospective / Lyrics
169 A/B The Ladies Sing II
170 A/B Requests
171 A/B Bob Wilber / Leftovers
172 A/B Harry James Familiar and Obscure / Stan Kenton Familiar and Obscure
173 A/B Weather Melodies
174 A/B Harry James Remembrance
175 A/B Host's Choice
176 A/B Old, New, Borrowed, and Blue / Miller Military Medleys
177 A/B Hollywood Big Bands
178 A/B Seventy-Five Year Top Ten
179 A/B Familiar and Obscure
180 A/B Soundtrack Music
181 A/B Basie Retrospective
182 A/B Flagwavers
183 A/B Themes and Standards
184 A/B Airchecks
185 A/B Class of '42
186 A/B Discovery
187 A/B Discovery
188 A/B With Strings Attached
189 A/B Goodman Remembrance
190 A-1 Leftovers
190 A-2/B Woody Herman Salute
191 A/B Crosby Masters / Louis Armstrong Remembers
192 A/B Class of '43
193 A/B Lost Benny Goodman Arrangements / Leftovers
194 A-1 Flagwavers
194 A-2 Lionel Hampton Story
194 B Pete Fountain
195 A/B Whose Band Is That?
196 A/B The Sweet Bands
197 B New Forties Cuts
198 A/B Surprise Package
199 A/B Combined Royalty (Basie and Ellington / 1939 Swing)
200 A/B Pacemakers
201 A/B Big Band Imitations
202 A/B Ted Heath
203 A/B Nat King Cole Profile / Rare Forties Cuts
204 A/B Familiar and Obscure
205 A/B Themes and Standards / Random Records
206 A/B Rifflin' Through The Records
207 A/B Kay Kyser Remembrance
207 A-R/B-R Kay Kyser Remembrance (Revised)
208 A/B New Year's 1946 / Dance Party
209 A/B Two Lawrences (Syd and Elliot)
210 B My Favorites
211 A/B Rifflin' Through The Records
212 A/B Class of '41
213 A/B Requests
214 A/B Suspension in Time
215 A/B Ellington and Friends / The Ladies Sing
216 A/B Rifflin' Through The Records
217 A/B Buddy Morrow
218 A/B Lawson-Haggart
219 A/B Discovery
220 A/B Wartime Jukebox
221 A/B Jazz 1957 (Playboy Poll)
222 A/B New Forties Cuts
223 A/B In the Mood Movie Soundtrack / V-Discs
224 A/B Airchecks
225 A/B Forgotten James Arrangments / Heath Salutes America
226 A/B Johnny Mercer (Centennial / Archives)
229 A/B The Sidemen
230 A/B Desert Island Top Ten
231 A Saxophone
231 B-1 Big Band Blues
231 B-2 Novelty Songs
232 A/B Mailbag (Syd Lawrence Interview)
233 B Mel Torme Speaks
234 A/B New Forties Cuts
235 A/B Today's Bands
236 A/B The 'G' File
237 A Frankie Carle Speaks
238 A Elliot Lawrence Speaks
239 A/B Discovery
240 A/B Requests / Mailbag
241 A/B Duke Big Band Salute / Rifflin' Through The Records
242 A/B The Other Side
243 A/B Sounds of Christmas I
244 A/B Romantic Records
245 A/B The Mailbag
246 A/B The In-Box
247 A/B Live From The Meadowbrook
248 A/B Themes and Standards IV
249 A/B The 'H' File II
250 A/B Spotlight Bands
251 A Ray Anthony Speaks / The Boogie Beat
252 A/B Themes and Standards
253 A/B Glenn Miller Airchecks
254 A/B Later Vocalists
255 A/B The In-Box
256 A/B The 78 File
257 A/B Sauter-Finegan / The Arrangers
258 A/B The Gentlemen Sing I
259 A/B Ray McKinley Speaks / Host's Choice
259 A-R Ray McKinley Speaks (Revised)
260 A/B Jack Teagarden / Catch-Up Hour
261 A/B-1 Goodman Yale Tapes
261 B-2 The In-Box
262 B The In-Box
263 A/B Woody Herman Reunion (1976) / Rifflin' Through The Records
264 A/B Dixieland / Jammin'
265 A/B James Session
266 A/B Christmas II
267 A/B Airchecks (Glenn Miller/Tommy Dorsey/Harry James)
268 A/B Mailbag
269 A/B Guest Announcers / Mailbag
270 A/B Rifflin' Through The Records
271 A/B Hal Kemp / Secondary Bands
272 A/B Today's Regional Bands
273 A/B Ronald Reagan Big Bands (Guest Announcer Sheila Tracy)
274 A/B The Mailbag
275 A/B Digital Magic II
276 A/B Artie Shaw / Rifflin'
277 A/B Frankie Carle / Requests
278 A/B Airchecks
279 A/B-1 Charlie Barnet Speaks / Remembrance
279 B-2 Big Band Imitations
280 A/B Piano Players II
281 A/B Les Brown Speaks
282 A/B Singing Groups
283 A/B The Transcription File
284 A/B Bo Thorpe / Leftovers
285 A/B Class of '44
286 A/B Kit McClure Speaks / Requests
287 A/B Guest Announcers / Basie Legacy
288 A/B The Mailbag
289 A/B V-Discs
290 A/B Rifflin'
291 A/B The Group Sings II
292 A/B Herbie Fields / Cincinnati Pops
293 A/B Alvino Rey / Luis King Speaks
294 A/B Overseas Broadcasts / Movie Soundtracks
295 A/B Helen Ward Speaks / New Releases
296 A/B Si Zentner Speaks / Host's Choice
297 A/B Desert Island Number Ones
298 A/B Big Band Themes
299 B Mailbag
300 A/B Themes
301 A/B The Last Decade
302 A/B Don Lusher Speaks / Alvino Rey Speaks and King Sisters
303 A/B Fats Waller
304 A/B Spotlight Bands III
305 A/B Billy May Remembrance
306 A/B Spotlight Bands II
307 A/B Archival Melodies
308 A/B Requests
309 A/B Classic Big Band Style
310 A/B The 'L' File
311 A/B The 'M' File
312 A/B The 'S' File / Dance Band Remote
313 A/B The 'B' File
314 A/B The 'D' File
315 A/B Goodman Small Groups / Standards
316 A/B Big Band Profiles VI
317 A/B Big Band Profiles IV
318 A/B Big Band Twins
319 A/B Burke-Van Heusen / Latter Day Big Bands
320 B New Artists
321 A/B Voice Capsules
322 A/B King Sisters - Marilyn King
323 A Thilo Wolf Speaks
324 B Friends Over to Listen
325 A/B Harry James Broadcasts
326 A/B Top Twenty Instrumentals
327 A/B Requests - Catch Up
328 A/B Transcription File
329 A Berlin Radio Top Picks
330 A/B Current Bands
331 A/B Mailbag
332 A Ella Fitzgerald Retrospective
333 A/B Fifties Vocalists
334 A/B V-Discs II
335 A/B Free Form Frolic
336 A/B The 'A' File
337 A/B Last Decade III
338 A/B Animal Music / Miller Music
339 A/B The 'B' File
340 A/B Glen Gray Reproductions
341 A/B Catch-Up Program
342 A/B Glenn Miller Alumni
343 A/B The 'C' File I
344 A/B The 'C' File II
345 A/B Boogie Beat / Singing Singles
346 A/B Matinee Music
347 A/B The Gold Records
348 A/B Jukebox Melodies
349 A/B Benny Goodman Story
350 A/B Internet Requests
351 A-1/B-1 E-Mail Requests
351 A-2/B-2 Flagwavers
352 A-1/B Rifflin' Through The Records
352 A-2 Secondary Bands
353 A/B Host's Choice
354 A/B Host's Choice
355 A/B Current Bands
356 A/B Jo Stafford Speaks / Rifflin' Through The Records
356 B-R Rifflin' Through The Records (Revised)
357 A/B Secondary Bands
358 A/B Harry James Profile
359 A/B The Trombone Players
360 A/B Novelty And Vocal Groups
361 A/B Airchecks / Current Big Band Review
362 A/B The Sax Players
363 A/B The Girl Vocalists / Big Band Instrumentals
364 A/B Free Form Frolic
365 A/B Big Bands On Film
366 A/B Jump Tunes / Boogie Beat II
367 A/B Familiar and Obscure / Secondary Bands
368 A Rifflin' Through The Records
369 A/B The Mailbag
370 A Current Vocalists
371 A/B Dick Johnson Speaks / City Hour
372 A/B Today's Bands
373 A/B Standards
374 A/B Free Form Frolic
374 B-R Free Form Frolic (Revised)
375 A Manhattan Transfer
375 A-R Manhattan Transfer (Revised)
376 A/B Unusual Melodies / Host's Choice
377 A/B Class of '40
378 A/B The Ladies Sing
379 A/B The Boy Singers
380 A/B Rifflin' Through The Records
381 A/B Class of '46
382 A/B Romance and Boogie Woogie
383 A/B Surprise Package
384 A/B Class of '48
385 A/B Mailbag
386 A/B Lusher Legacy
387 A/B Free Form Frolic
388 A/B Familiar and Obscure
389 A/B The Arrangers
390 A/B Later Vocals
391 A/B Soundtrack Music
392 A/B The In-Box
393 A/B Remembering Tex Beneke / New Releases
394 A/B Flagwavers II
395 A/B Goodman Small Groups / Host's Choice
396 A/B Transcription File
397 A/B Later Vocalists / Free Form Frolic
398 A/B Traveling Music
399 A/B Jimmy and Tommy Dorsey In Hollywood
400 A/B Airchecks
401 A/B The LP File
402 A/B Early Forties Cuts
403 A/B Themes
404 A New Releases
405 A/B Leftovers / Big Band Remote
406 A/B Larry Elgart Speaks / Requests
407 A/B The Small Groups
408 A/B Girl Vocalists
409 A/B Transcription File
410 A/B Sensuous Saxes / Pretty Piano
411 A/B Airchecks
412 A/B V-Discs
413 A/B Surprise Package
414 A/B Last Decade
415 A/B Wartime Songs
416 A/B Herbie Fields / Rifflin' Through The Records
417 A/B Months, Cities, and States
418 A/B Sammy Nestico Speaks
419 A/B Listener's Lists
420 A/B 1939 Swing
421 A/B Mel Powell
422 A/B The Mailbag
423 A/B Class of '38
424 A/B The 'E' File
425 A/B Kitty Kallen Speaks / The In-Box
426 B New Releases and Autumn Songs
427 A/B Host's Choice / Red Nichols
428 A/B The Gentlemen Sing II
429 A/B A Little Night Music
430 A/B 1938 Benny Goodman Concert
431 A/B Hamburg Radio Hour / Wartime Songs
432 A/B Whose Band Is That?
433 A Frank Sinatra Instrumentals / Other Band's Hits
434 A/B The Fifties Harry James
435 A/B Romantic Music
436 A/B Today's Singers
437 A/B Fifties Instrumentals
438 A/B Anita O'Day Remembrance / Later Gene Krupa
439 B Surprise Party
440 A/B Forties Songbook
441 A/B Number One Records Under The Top Five
442 A/B Number One Records Under The Top Five
443 A/B Number Two Records
444 A/B Fran Warren Speaks - Random Records / Random Survey Picks
445 B Audition Hour
446 A/B Fran Warren / Random Records
446 A-R Fran Warren (Revised)
447 A/B Ted Heath Originals
448 A/B Music Plus Words
449 B Leftovers
450 A/B The Mailbag
451 A/B Les Brown Revisited / New Releases
452 A/B Romance And Boogie Woogie
453 A/B Later Tommy Dorsey Cuts / Hits of 1940
454 A/B Big Band Magic I
455 A/B Big Band Magic II
456 A/B Pretty Stuff
457 A/B Rare Airchecks
458 A/B-2 Internet Survey
458 B-1 Moments In Music
459 A/B Lost Treasures of Ted Heath
460 A/B Big Bands 1930-1936
461 A/B The Trumpet Players
462 A/B New and Original
463 A/B 'Live' From The Hollywood Palladium
464 A/B Nat King Cole Trio Story / Rare Forties Cuts
465 A Bing Crosby Tribute
466 A/B The 'I-J' File
467 A/B The 'F' File
468 A/B The 'H' File Singers
469 A/B Jimmie Lunceford / Kay Kyser
470 A/B The 'H' File Instrumentals
471 A/B 'Live' From New York
472 A/B The 'K' File
473 A/B The 'L' File
474 A/B The 'M' File Singers
475 A/B Tommy Dorsey Alumni
476 A/B Christmas: Traditional And New
477 A/B The Last Decade
478 A/B Goodman Remembrance
479 A/B Big Band Classics / The Small Groups
480 A/B Single Word Titles
481 A/B Romance
482 A/B Ray Conniff
483 A/B Requests
484 A/B Eddie Sauter-Bill Finegan / The Arrangers
485 B Rifflin' Through The Records
486 A/B The 'N-O-P-Q' File I
487 A/B Soundtrack Music
488 A/B 'Live' From The West Coast
489 A/B New Forties / Fifties Cuts
490 A/B The 'N-O-P-Q' File II
491 A/B A Decade Ago
492 A/B Requests
493 A/B Big Bands Of Television
494 A/B Phone Frolic / Guest Announcer
495 A/B Class of '45
496 A/B The 'R' File
497 A/B Big Band Classics
498 A/B It's About Time
499 A/B Glenn Miller 100th Birthday / Fats Waller 100th Birthday
500 A/B The 'S' File I
501 A/B Just Kiddin' Around
502 A/B The 'S' File II
503 A/B Requests
504 A/B The 'T' File
505 A/B The Boogie Beat
506 A/B 'Live' From Chicago
507 A/B The 'U-V-W' File
508 A/B Big Band Guests
509 A/B Requests
510 A Lesser-Known Bands
511 A/B The Christmas Program
512 A/B Glenn Miller Overseas
513 A/B New Year's Dance Party / Bands That Play Boogie
514 A/B Instrumental Playbook
515 A-1/B The 'Z' File / Movie Records
516 A/B Single Word Titles / George Shearing
517 A/B Requests
518 A/B Top Movie Melodies
519 A/B Nat King Cole Profile / Rare Forties Cuts
520 A/B Current Bands and Singers - Gordon Goodwin Interview
521 A/B Uplifting Music
522 A/B Rifflin' Through The CDs
523 A/B Benny Goodman Overseas
524 A/B The LP File
525 B Sinatra By Others
526 A/B Requests
527 A/B Phone Frolic
528 A/B Singing Instrumentals
529 A/B Big Band Themes I
530 A/B Big Band Themes II
531 A/B More Big Band Magic I
532 A/B More Big Band Magic II
533 A/B The German Contingent
534 A/B Cole Porter Songbook
535 A Unrestrained Swing
536 A/B On The Road Again
537 A/B Big Band Legends I
538 A/B Big Band Legends II
539 A/B Number One Records
540 A/B Tommy Dorsey Centennial
541 A/B The Last Decade
542 A/B The British Contingent
543 A/B Individual Favorites
544 A/B Forties Songbook - The Girls
545 A/B Forties Songbook - The Boys
546 A/B Les Paul Profile
547 A/B Moments In Music I
548 A/B Moments In Music II
549 A/B The Artie Shaw Review
550 A/B Swinging On A V-Disc
551 A/B The Time Machine
552 A/B Bobby Hackett Profile
553 A/B Double Themes / Rifflin' Through The Records
554 A/B Heavenly Bodies
555 A/B The Name Game
556 A/B Request Time
557 A/B Jazz Standards I
558 A/B Jazz Standards II
559 A/B Big Band Jump Highlights
560 A/B The Singing Groups
561 A/B Night And Day
562 A/B Garry Stevens Speaks
563 A/B 'Live' From Las Vegas
564 A/B Broadway And Big Bands
565 A/B Spotlight Bands
566 A/B The Mailbag
567 A/B Capitol Idea
568 A/B Vocal / Instrumental Twins
569 A/B Harold Arlen Songbook
570 A/B Thilo Wolf Revisited / New Names In Music
571 A Requests Plus
572 A/B Surprise Package
573 A/B Harry Warren Profile
574 A/B The In-Box
575 A/B Informal Hour
576 A/B G.I. Jive
577 A/B Requests Plus
578 A/B Radio Themes
579 A/B Host's Choice
580 A/B The Decca Label
581 B Big Band Christmas
582 A/B Big Band Twins
583 A/B The Columbia Label
584 A/B Zooming Through Time
585 A/B Requests Plus
586 A/B Transcription File
587 A/B Frank Loesser Profile
588 A/B-2 The In-Box
588 B-1 Big Band Guests
589 A/B The Distaff Side
590 A/B The 'W-X-Y-Z' File
591 A Big Band Imitations
592 A/B Current Big Bands
593 A/B The Sweet Bands
594 A/B Duke Ellington Legacy
595 A/B Desert Island Picks
596 A/B A Family Affair
597 A/B Whose Band Is That?
598 A Margaret Whiting Songs
599 A/B Pacemakers
600 A/B Come What May
601 A/B Dick Haymes Sings / Recruiting Programs
602 A/B Requests Plus
603 A/B Benny Goodman Alumni
604 A/B Requests Plus II
605 A/B 'Live' From Glen Island Casino
606 B Romance
607 A/B Today's Singers
608 B Audition Hour
609 A/B Billy May Arrangements
610 A/B Big Band Christmas
611 A/B Thirties New Years
612 A/B Songs Of Romance I
613 A/B Songs Of Romance II
614 A/B The 'H' File I
615 A/B The 'H' File II
616 A/B The 'M' File
617 A/B Tommy Dorsey 'Live'
618 A/B Boogie Beat I
619 A/B Boogie Beat II
620 A/B Request Time
621 A/B Count Basie's Arrangers
622 A/B Surprise Party
623 A/B Novelty Songs - Cute And Comic Songs
624 A/B Rain Songs
625 A/B Hoagy Carmichael Legacy
626 A/B Come What May
627 A/B Cute And Comic II
628 A/B Las Vegas Nights
629 A/B Legendary Instrumentals
630 A/B Destination and Flying Songs
631 A/B Harry James 'Live'
632 A/B The Gershwins
633 A/B Woody Herman Salute
634 A/B Legendary Instrumentals II
635 A/B Secondary Favorites
636 A/B The Other Side
637 A/B The Last Decade
638 A/B Benny Goodman and Johnny Mercer Caravans
639 A/B The Small Groups II
640 A/B Requests Plus
641 A/B The Girls Sing I
642 A/B The Girls Sing II
643 A/B Small Town Christmas
644 A/B Henry Mancini Magic
645 A/B New Year's Dance Party
646 A/B City Hour
647 A/B The Boy Singers I
648 A/B Sammy Cahn Legacy
649 A/B The Singing Groups
650 A/B Secondary Bands
651 A/B The Boy Singers II
652 A/B Soundtrack Music
653 A/B Count Basie and Singers
654 A/B Tex Beneke 'Live'
655 A/B Class of '42
656 A/B Fifties Generation
657 A/B Desert Island Favorites
658 A/B Spotlight on Harry James / Tommy Dorsey
659 A/B End of the Forties
660 A/B Free Form Frolic
661 A/B Les Brown Remembrance / The 'L' File
662 A/B Today's Singers
663 A/B Swingin' On Broadway
664 A/B Bing Crosby and Friends
665 A/B Spotlight on Goodman and Miller
666 A/B Today's Glenn Miller Sound
667 A/B Relative Unknowns
668 A/B Last Half of the Forties
669 A/B Instrumental Playbook
670 A/B Non-Winning Oscar Nominees
671 A/B Winning Oscar Songs
672 A/B Requests Plus
673 A/B Spotlight On Gene Krupa / Bing Crosby
674 A/B Sounds Of Television
675 A/B Seldom Heard Bands
676 A/B Tommy Dorsey Remembrance / Harry James Remembrance
677 A/B Musical Twins
678 A/B The Eighty-Eight
679 A/B Movie Music I
680 A/B Movie Music II
681 A/B Phone Frolic Listeners / Phone Frolic Guest Announcers
682 A/B Classes of '46-'49
683 A/B Music By Category
684 A/B Disney's Musical Magic
685 A/B Spotlight On Stan Kenton And Woody Herman
686 A/B Music By Category II
687 A/B Big Band Top Ten
688 A/B Two Decades Ago
689 B Rifflin' Through The CDs
690 A/B Legendary Neal Hefti
691 A/B Host's Choice
692 A/B Other Band's Hits
693 A/B Singing Groups I
694 A/B Singing Groups II
695 A/B Romance And Boogie
696 A/B The Sax Players
697 A/B The Trombone Players
698 A/B Guitar Legacy
699 A/B Gordon Jenkins Profile
700 A/B Vocal and Instrumental Twins
701 A/B Requests Plus
702 A/B The Color of Music
703 A/B The Early Fifties
704 A/B Spirit of America
705 A/B Fifties Singers
706 A/B Fifties Instrumentals
707 A/B Richard Rodgers Legacy
708 A/B The Living Room
709 A/B The 'F' File
710 A/B Single Word Titles
711 A/B Jerry Gray Legacy
712 A/B Jukebox Instrumentals
713 A/B Music for the Troops
714 A/B The 'M' File
715 A/B Today's Ladies
716 A/B Today's Ladies II
717 A/B Originals and Duplicates
718 A/B Back to Irving Berlin
719 A/B Host's Choice
720 A/B Billy May Voice Capsules / Dorris Day Voice Capsules
721 A/B Classic Radio Guests
722 B The Small Groups
723 A/B Bird Songs
724 A/B RCA Victor Labels
725 A/B Train Songs
726 A/B The Final Program of Big Band Jump

Biography of Don Kennedy

Don Kennedy was born on March 2nd, 1930, in Beaver, Pennsylvania. Kennedy's career in broadcasting started at the age of thirteen when he constructed a half-watt radio station in the basement of his home. He got his first paying job playing pop records at WPIC in Sharon, Pennsylvania, when he was 17. While in college, Kennedy worked at a local radio station as a sports and news announcer and eventually became the chief engineer of the small station. After college he was drafted into the Army, and worked as a studio chief in the psychological warfare unit at the end of the Korean War. After his military service, Kennedy moved to Atlanta where he anchored the eleven o'clock news at WSB-TV. He was assigned to host a children's show for that station as a policeman character, "Officer Don." He played Officer Don on multiple shows from 1956 to 1969 with the most popular, The Popeye Club, amassing the largest audience of any such local program in the nation. In 1960 he established WKLS-FM in Atlanta, serving as President and General Manager. He also set up and served as President of Georgia Network and Florida Network, two of the pioneer state news networks in the nation. In 1976 his company returned Atlanta's channel 36, WATL-TV, to the air.

Kennedy returned to popular music broadcasting with the syndicated radio program Big Band Jump, which ran from 1986 to 2013 and could be heard nationwide for most of its run. Episodes of the show were based on a theme or artist from Swing-era popular music, and often featured Kennedy's original interviews with big band performers, songwriters, and arrangers. Kennedy also provided voice work for several characters on Cartoon Network programs including Space Ghost Coast to Coast and Terror Phone and as narrator for award winning documentaries aired on Georgia Public Television. He is the recipient of the Silver Circle Award and two Emmy Awards from the Atlanta Chapter of National Academy of Television Arts and Sciences, the Pioneer Broadcaster and Georgia Broadcaster's Hall of Fame awards from the Georgia Association of Broadcasters and honorary membership in the DiGamma Kappa Broadcast Fraternity at the University of Georgia. In 2007 he was inducted into the Georgia Radio Hall of Fame for Career Achievement.

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