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Georgia State University Digital and Special Collections: Copyright, Privacy, Rights, and Permissions

Georgia State University Library is committed to providing broad access to its digital and special collections for teaching, learning, and research. The website, catalog records, finding aids, and digital images enhance scholarship and promote use of both the digital and the original object.

Copyright and the Collections

Whenever possible, we provide information that we have about copyright owners and related matters in the records that accompany collections and items. However, the information we have may not be complete. Rights information for each item is included in standard language. The majority of content in our collections is under copyright. We generally do not own the rights to materials in our collections and so cannot grant or deny permission to use them. By downloading, printing, or otherwise using text and images from this website, you agree that you are solely responsible for determining the copyright status of any materials you may wish to use, and that you will satisfy any copyright or use restrictions when publishing or distributing materials from our collections. In all cases, you must include the citation provided in the record, and, when applicable, you must cite all copyright information and comply with all other terms or restrictions that may be applicable to that material. We request that anyone linking to our websites present the link in a manner that does not imply that we are making an express or implied endorsement of any good or service provided.

Georgia State University Library has been assigned copyright in only a few special circumstances. For commercial uses of these materials that are not fair uses as defined by law, and you must obtain permission by contacting Permission is granted on a case-by-case basis at the sole discretion of the Georgia State University Library.

View more information about copyright law, including public domain and fair use from the U.S. Copyright Office.

Some of the material in our digital collections includes a Creative Commons license. For Creative Commons licensed materials, you have permission to use the item in whatever way the license terms permit. For uses other than those granted in the license, you must obtain permission.

View more information about Creative Commons licenses.

Privacy and Publicity Rights

The rights of privacy and publicity are separate and distinct issues from copyright. While copyright laws protect the copyright owner's property rights in the work, privacy and publicity rights protect the interests of the individuals who are the subject of the work. The right of publicity is a person’s right to control, and profit from, the use of his or her name, image and likeness. Copyright is protected by federal law under the United States Copyright Act, whereas privacy and publicity rights are primarily governed by state law. What is allowed in one state may not be allowed in another.

If you use materials from our websites, then you are responsible for determining whether there are privacy and publicity rights considerations. When weighing privacy and publicity rights, consider the type of materials and their intended use.

Takedown Requests

If you are the copyright holder of materials in Georgia State University Library collections and believe that our websites have not properly attributed your work or have used it without permission, please contact us.

Georgia State University Library is committed to respecting the personal privacy of record subjects as well as safeguarding confidential information that may be captured in public records.  The library makes materials available online only if:

  • A review performed by an archivist confirms there is no sensitive personal or confidential information contained in the materials that are subject to FOIA requests.
  • The donor of privately donated materials has not placed access restrictions on the donated material.
  • There are no known reasonable ethical concerns in making the materials publicly available.

Requests for removal should be directed to or (404) 413-2880

Your inquiry should include the name and URL of the item or items to be removed, the reason for the removal request, and explanation of any claims of rights to the material. The request will be reviewed by the University Library administration for just cause. Upon determination of just cause, the item or items in question will be removed from public view until the request is resolved. After the review process is complete, we will communicate the decision to the individual making the request.

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